Thursday, August 17, 2006

So I've got one too.

Blogs. They're like those Tamagochi things - everyone's heard of them, many people went out and got one, yet nobody knows why they bothered in the first place.
Now I've got one. A blog that is. There is every chance in the world that nobody anywhere on earth will actually ever visit this site and read these words, which makes me wonder why I'm typing them. Well, the reason is that this is going to be an on-line diary of one individuals' attempts to get a novel published. I thought it might be a good idea as the blog could quite happily exist for the next sixty five years and never actually come to an end, such is the difficulty in getting one's name into print.
Here's where it starts, and at some point in the future it will, I hope, provide hopeful new writers with a genuine and enjoyable record of one writer's efforts to get themselves out of the drudgery of nine-to-five and into the light as an author.
More posts, detailing my writing history so far and hopefully some tips and tricks of the industry learned along the way, will follow. Comments, useful links and general shared knowledge of the commercial publishing industry, with an emphasis on thrillers, are welcomed and encouraged from everyone (anyone?) who might pass by this way.