Monday, February 05, 2007

Traumas and Triumphs.

Well, they said no. After a three month wait, the agency decided that the manuscript was 'not yet ready' for the market. This happened just before Christmas, so, Yo-Ho-Ho and thanks very much.
In all fairness, they did present me with a long editorial list of suggested changes that they felt would improve the manuscript and address the issues they felt would prevent its successful sale to a publishing house.
Soooo - I've made the changes. I sent out new submissions to four major London literary agencies, and lo-and-behold this Saturday a letter dropped onto my door-mat from one of them. I took one look at it, lying there, and thought;
"Ah, there's the rejection I've been waiting for..."
However, upon opening and reading the enclosed letter, joyous was I to discover that, once again, a major agency was interested in reviewing the full manuscript!!
So, here we go again....