Friday, June 18, 2010

I have an agent!

I'm absolutely overjoyed to be able to write here that as of Thursday 17th June 2010, I am officially signed as a client to Luigi Bonomi Associates. After an excellent meeting at their London offices on Thursday, during which Luigi ( Literary Agent of the Year 2010 ) made me feel very comfortable ( helpful for a first-novelist meeting a real-life agent for the first time after ten years of effort ) and detailed a number of changes required before the manuscript can be sent out to publishers, Luigi offered me representation.

I can't describe how important this moment was - LBA receives around 6000 submissions per annum, and Luigi will take on only two or three new authors each year. That's odds of 2000-1, and somehow I've passed through the eye of a needle and arrived.

Whilst a re-draft must come first, which we've decided should be completed by around September, I've every confidence in Luigi to give my work the best possible chance at publication. He's an agent with a fantastic track record, a really nice chap with a real passion for finding and nurturing new talent, and if anybody can do it, he can.

I don't believe I could have found myself in a better position. Time to get my head down and complete the re-draft!!

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