Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mission Accomplished.

Well, finally it's happened! On Monday, after several days of bidding, Luigi finalised the sale of my debut novel as part of a three-book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster. The debut is to be published both in the UK and the USA sometime around next October. I can't write too much about the deal here, suffice to say that I'll be writing full-time and couldn't be happier with the outcome! Much to do, many things that I hadn't forseen in order to set myself up as effectively self-employed, but all's good!!


Matt Hilton said...

Let me be the first to publicly congratulate on your amazing success. Very well done, Dean, I'm thoroughly chuffed for you and welcome to the LBA stable.
Hey, the fun starts now!! Just wait until you start with those ITIN numbers, mate ;-)

David Barber said...

Congrats, Dean. Awesome news nd I wish you every success.

Dean Crawford said...

Many thanks chaps. Once things are more organised I'll post further updates, but keeping it simple for now....

Matt: I'm just discovering the hitherto unsuspected depths of complexity surrounding new authors and their various 'arrangements'. Got great back-up though, so forging ahead happily :o)

Col Bury said...


Look forward to reading it, fella.

Bet you're buzzing.