Thursday, October 28, 2010

COVENANT takes shape.

It's a bit weird to see your own name appearing on search engines - someone told me the other day that they'd read about my novel being taken to Frankfurt for the International Book Fair. A moment later, and lo-and-behold, there I am!

On a less vain note, I had lunch on Monday with my wonderful editor, Maxine Hitchcock, The Editorial Director of Fiction at Simon & Schuster. Maxine told me a great deal about how things go from here, and introduced me to the hugely friendly team at their offices in London. It turns out that I'll be able to see some cover artwork sometime between now and Christmas, which is hugely exciting! There's much work being done behind the scenes already, and I'm really happy to have been signed to such an enthusiastic and friendly publisher. They're supported by other equally brilliant teams in the United States ( Touchstone ) and Australia.

For my part, the first editorial notes are in, and fortunately Maxine and I are very much on the same wavelength - we've agreed next steps and I'm on the case already. Once this first editorial is complete, there will follow a line-by-line edit, which will fine-tune everything before the manuscript is sent to the copy-editor for the next stage of improvement.

It's back down to work for me once more, but I'm revelling in the writing now and really excited about how things are turning out. Will post again soon, as contracts are now with my agent, Luigi Bonomi, and likely to be signed within a few days.


Col Bury said...

Interesting to read of the latest steps on your exciting journey, Dean.

John Walker said...

Hi Dean,
I am feeling quite excited for you.

I know the feelings of seeing your first work in print, on brand new paper.

In the 1960s I had just 'cracked' the short-story market (Or at least had discovered how to target a market.) and I was reading my own work in a glossy magazine. The thrill of knowing others would be reading my words was a special feeling. It didn't matter that I had only received £6.00 for the story; although in those days that wasn't bad for just over 1,000 words.

I gave up writing (more or less) shortly after my initial success, so I blame only myself for not being published today. Lots of things got in my way; job, family, home-building etc. All of which were prioritised over writing.
Yes I am writing now, but I left it late! So to anyone out there who wants to write, with a hope of being published. Just remember. Winners never quit, quitters never win! 'Trite but true'!

Dean, I wish you all the best for everything that is to come.


Dean Crawford said...

Thanks John,

Keep up the writing! Experience born of effort, even if it's over many years, are essential to success. Every day you've spent writing is another lesson learned - there's no reason why that elusive publishing deal shouldn't be just around the corner.

Best wishes,