Friday, September 09, 2011

Publicity meeting.

I had a meeting yesterday with the team at Simon & Schuster, along with my agent Luigi Bonomi. They detailed the global campaign planned for COVENANT, and it is utterly awesome. I learned a huge amount about how the campaign is designed to produce 'tail-off', maintaining a book's prominent placing on the shelves, along with all sorts of details involving the television adverts, posters, on-line and supermarket promotions. The list was immense, and apparently regarded as one of the biggest and best debut launch campaigns ever seen ( in Australia ).

The team at S&S and Touchstone USA have done an incredible job of giving my fledgling debut career the best possible start, and it's unbelievably exciting to see everything coming together and how every little detail is carefully considered.

Perhaps the most amazing news I heard was that, despite the Australia campaign not actually launching in full until next week, COVENANT has sold around 1,000 copies just six days after hitting the shelves! I don't believe that word of mouth could have achieved such widespread sales success, and can only put it down to the incredible efforts made by my publisher and their respective teams over the past few months to produce the perfect cover, style and impact for my debut novel.

They even let me take some cake home for my other half - how nice is that?!

Fingers crossed for more good news soon!


Col Bury said...

Sounds awesome, bud. Great stuff.

Yours enviously,
Col :-)

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Col!

Glaznost said...

Really happy for you mate, that's awesome! And may the sales just continue to spiral!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the sales will be just as good or even better here in the States Dean. Great news.

John Carson

Matt Hilton said...

Fabulous news, Dean. Keep on keeping on, bud.

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Matt!

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome Dean!! Remeber us when you buy your first mansion!
All the best
Sam & Andrwe
Pepperpot Homes

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Sam and Andrew! Will indeed come to you for our next move, and thanks for all your hard work - I know you had to do a lot of chasing about to get things sorted.
See you again soon hopefully!
Dean, Debbie and Emma x