Sunday, May 27, 2012

IMMORTAL #1 Fiction Heatseeker!!

I received some fabulous news just before departing for CrimeFest in Bristol  - IMMORTAL has shot straight into the #1 position in The Bookseller's fiction heatseeker chart, and was just two copies shy of hitting the national top 50 fiction list ( which covers all fiction books in the UK including children's etc ).

My debut, COVENANT, achieved the same position but not nearly as quickly, so this is an awesome result. Fingers firmly crossed that the novel keeps climbing the charts. My publisher, Simon & Schuster, posted the below image on Twitter recently: it shows just how hard they work to promote my novels, and turn dreams into reality.

CrimeFest was a great experience: I was on two panels, both of which I really enjoyed, and I met a huge number of authors both published and aspiring. There were a lot of BIG names present this year; Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, Frederick Forsyth, Sue Grafton and many others, along with agents, editors and fans. Being the new guy in town I decided to hang back a bit and watch the whole show unfold over the weekend, but the people present were so incredibly friendly that I found myself being invited out to dinner with a group of authors and a top journalist ( thanks Matt ) or approached by editors and invited for drinks that went on late into the night ( thanks Rachel ), or having a few beers with hugely enthusiastic aspiring authors with a big plan and great ideas ( cheers Mark ).

Thanks to everybody whose path I crossed, or stumbled into, and I'll be back next year without a doubt  :o)


Author said...

Love that tag line: Live forever or die trying.

Dean Crawford said...

Good, innit? :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Dean. Fantastic to see the poster on the underground. Good news on the new book. Well done!

John Carson

Dean Crawford said...

Cheers John!

Talli Roland said...

Ooh, fantastic Dean! I wonder if you met my good friend Mel Sherratt at Crimefest? :)

Thank you for your thoughtful blog comment.

Dean Crawford said...

I did indeed meet Mel! She was one of the authors I went out to eat with ( there were about ten of us ).

Your blog post was great, and really encouraging for aspiring authors, something I always like to see.