Thursday, September 06, 2012


It's coming... The next Ethan Warner novel is due to hit shelves on November 8th, 2012 in the UK and Commonwealth. ( Readers in the USA and Canada will have to wait until early 2014, due to the slower hardback-then-paperback publishing process out there. )

Here's the cover and the back page - I think it looks awesome! The cover for Australia is slightly different and conforms with their own series of designs for the series.


Dan said...

You are without a doubt my favorite author. Read Covenant and it was bloody brilliant. Could not put it down. Half way through Immortal and its equally as gripping. I have read 90 percent of Crichton's stuff and genuinely thought he could not be rivaled. How wrong. These are truly awesome books and I would say even better than MC's . Keep It up Dean and your third installment comes out just before my 38th birthday and i t will genuinely be top of my wish list. You should pick up a few more Tweeters over the next few days as I have done nothing but tell my mates to get reading.

Dean Crawford said...

Hi Dan, thanks so much for your kind words. Really glad you're enjoying the books. My publisher has bought five in total so far, with more to come, so plenty more titles in the series ahead!
Best wishes,