Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Awesome news: "Immortal", book 2 in the Ethan Warner series, is currently pick of the week at all Starbucks stores across the UK. Grab your copy while you can, and get teaser chapters from book 3 for free!



Also, "Covenant", my debut in the series, hits shelves in the USA and Canada today as a mass-market paperback. If you're living stateside and fancy grabbing a copy, it's being published by Pocket Books and should be available in all major stores!


Anonymous said...

Just finished Covenant and liked it. However, noticed a few lines that didn't quite add up; such as (1)seeing the "distant rolling plains of New Jersey" from Washington (page 104)- you need a great pair of eyes for that!, (2) being "pinned between third and fourth base with a ball in the air, nowhere to run" (page 114) - not sure what game that would be a reference to, (3) or "chances are about as good as the Redskins at the bottom of the ninth against the Chargers," (page 231) - I'm used to the Redskins losing in the fourth quarter; and (4) Dulles International Airport - Washington, D.C. (page 345)- that location would be news to the State of Virginia.
Nevertheless, the book is a good read and I'll be on to the next one soon.

Dean Crawford said...

Yep, all mistakes my own :o) They slipped through the editorial net too unfortunately, but I believe have been since corrected for re-prints. Glad you enjoyed it!