Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's almost here!! And I can reveal that the promotional price for the fourth Ethan Warner novel on Kindle is just £0.99!! This price will be available for one month only, and will end when the mass-market paperback is published. Don't miss the bargain price!

In addition, Apocalypse ( book three in the series ) will be iBookstore book of the week and will be available for one week as a free download from June 25th! This is a tremendous offer and well worth grabbing if you have not yet read any of the series. This version will also contain a sample chapter of The Chimera Secret, so if you're smart you could get both books for a bargain!



Jen Black said...

It seems no time at all since your first novel came out! Good luck with this one!

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Jen!

David said...

Dean I just read the chimera secret and I must admit I was capitivated all the way through. But it appears that there is a continuation of the chimera secret. Please is there a sequel to the chimera secret? Cos I would like to know how it all ends especially whether jess macarthy survived.