Monday, November 25, 2013

EARLY RELEASE! "Holo Sapiens"

I decided over the weekend that, with the manuscript ready and the conversion complete, there seemed little point in waiting any longer. With industry bloggers keen to get hold of the book, I uploaded "Holo Sapiens" to Amazon a few days earlier than advertised.

You can get it here in the USA:

Holo Sapiens

And here in the UK:

Holo Sapiens

Although I haven't advertised the novel yet it's already pushed up into the best-seller charts for Post-Apocalyptic in the UK. Really hoping that this book takes off like Eden did before it.

Grab it fast! The book is on a promotional price for a short time only of $0.99 in the USA and £0.99 in the UK. Just like Eden, this is for a full-length, 100,000 word novel - a real bargain by any standards.

I hope that all my readers enjoy the book!!

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