Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"SURVIVOR" is now available at a promotional price!

The debut in my new Science-Fiction series, Survivor, is now available across all Amazon stores! Very excited to see how this new venture develops as I release more in the series, the first time I've committed to a long-running serial via self-publishing.

You can get the book at the links below:



I hope all of my readers enjoy this new novel, and I'm really looking forward to writing more in the series.


Tony Vaughan said...

Hi Dean.

Really enjoyed all your Ethan Warner novels and the Atlantia Series looks right up my street!! I am, however, a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to books in that I like and enjoy the feel and sensation of reading a paper book and do not have a kindle. Is there any chance that this series will come out in paperback format?

Thanks for the hours of entertainment you have provided and I look forward to reading more and seeing some of your novels get made into films.

Dean Crawford said...

Hi Tony,

Really glad you've been enjoying my novels!

Survivor will appear in paperback within a few weeks - just have to do the conversion and check the proofs. It'll pop up alongside the Kindle version when ready :)