Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The decline of blogging.

Due to the gradual but continuous decline of blogging as a means of communicating with readers, and the rise of more immediate means such as Twitter and Facebook, I'm going to cease posting here as of today.

I know that I said this at about the same time last year, and then found myself re-starting the blog to closely monitor my growth as both an independent author as well as trade published. However, as the digital age grips publishing more closely so the more important it becomes to utilise only those means that are highly effective at reaching an audience. Although my blog receives at least 1,000 hits per month, it's never really certain how many of those hits are from interested readers and how many are "robots" and "spiders" sent out by data-gathering companies.

My interest is speaking directly to readers, and for that purpose my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account are by far the most direct means that I know of. In addition, these days it's considered wise for an author not to spread themselves too thinly across the Internet, and instead focus on one or two effective sites on which to be found.

You can find me there at the following;



I may arrange a web-site specific blog in the future to share my thoughts, rather than here. Either way, my website is where you can find me:

Dean Crawford Books

Cheers  :)


Greg Reynolds said...

That is so true, Dean. Blogging has been declining from its reign ever since social media networks, like Twitter and Faceboo, rose above in terms of marketing strategies. I'm glad you decided to step the game up joined social media sites. That will definitely help your fans catch more of you and your work. All the best to you! :)

Greg Reynolds

Travis White said...

What you said is quite accurate! Blogging has been in a decline in the past few years, with bloggers are becoming less while social media continues to expand because of how easy and immediate it is to share someone’s thoughts in Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media websites. In an age where everything seems to be going faster, people don’t have time to blog anymore because of how time-consuming it is just to write a single blog post. But some people do still see blogging as a way to fully expressing someone’s feeling without being limited to 140 characters.

Travis White @ Marketing Digest