Thursday, March 24, 2011

Emma Grace Crawford.

Apologies for recent replies to my posts not being acknowledged, but had a busy few days. Here's the result, and she's beautiful! Born at 18.28pm on Monday 21st March. Will get back into the swing of things in a few days...


Anonymous said...

Hey there Dean,

I often check in on your blog as I am an aspiring novelist myself and I find your words and blog posts to be incredibly inspirational as well as motivational. I have never posted on your blog before but was just so moved by the picture of your daughter.

Congratulations! She is just so beautiful and an absolutely darling little girl! I really do wish you and your new family all the best as you seem like such a wonderful guy. I hope your daughter grows up to be a happy, healthy girl.

Well done :)

Dean Crawford said...


Many thanks! Keep plugging away at your writing - even the biggest bestselling authors were aspiring hopefuls once!

Best wishes,


Col Bury said...

She's truly beautiful. Congrats to you and 'Mrs Dean', Dean!

Tip: capture those precious moments because they grow up so quickly. My daughter's ten in April, seems like yesterday when she was born.


Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Col - little Emma's certainly keeping Debbie and myself busy, but it's going as well as can be expected. Having a 10 day break from my writing to help everyone get settled in a bit, and then onward and upward!

Matt Hilton said...

Sorry I'm a tad late with my best wishes, but many congratulations to you and your wife, Dean.

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Matt, I'm now enjoying the delights of having only half as much sleep as normal :o)