Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Final Copy-Edit hard copy.

The latest news in the COVENANT saga is the arrival a few days ago of the copy-edited hard copy. This represents the novel's final layout, printed on A4 but with the layout scaled to the hardback sized font and format. It looks awesome, especially as it contains all of the pre-lim pages, the acknowledgments, dedication etc. In addition, the first few chapters of my second novel, ELIXIR, are also presented as a teaser for readers who pick up copies of the novel.

It's pretty much the final stage of the process as far as my writing goes on COVENANT, with any final last minute requests to be submitted before the print is locked down, all ready to go into production later this year. All that's really left for me to see is the UK cover-art, and then it's full-steam ahead on books 2 and 3.

I've just finished the first-draft of book two, ELIXIR, so I'm well on my way, but it's quite daunting seeing teaser pages for a novel that's not yet complete. However, publisher Simon & Schuster and Touchstone USA know what they're doing, and having 3 novels published over a 12 month period will hopefully cement me a prominent position on the shelves and the Internet. Can't wait to see it happen!!


Matt Hilton said...

All the stages along the way are like pleasant little stepping stones to publication. I must admit, I still get excited every time the postman/woman turns up at my door holding an envelope too heavy to thrust through the letterbox. It usually means more work,'s good work.

Looking forward to seeing the books on the shelves.


Talli Roland said...

Sounds like busy times, Dean! And exciting times! :)

Dean Crawford said...

It's great to see everything coming together Matt, really enjoying the whole process!

Talli: Talk about exciting, going to be almost unbearable waiting all summer for the launch. Will drink through it I reckon :o)