Saturday, May 14, 2011

The publicity drive begins!

I've had a hell of a week, with so much happening that it could take a few posts to fit it all in!

Firstly, my agent Luigi Bonomi loved my manuscript for ELIXIR. He had just a handful of minor suggestions to individual pages, and one or two scene improvements. The work has been done and the MSS is now with my wonderful editor Maxine Hitchcock at Simon & Schuster.

Secondly, I was hugely honoured to be invited to the Simon & Schuster 2011 conference at the Paramount Hotel in London. This was a major event for the publisher, with many celebs invited, and I learned a huge amount about what's happening behind the scenes with COVENANT. Probably the biggest news is that it will be getting not just national print publicity in the USA and UK / Commonwealth but that it will be advertised on television, on Sky's CBS Action channel in October, with ads running for a month around major crime and drama shows. Add to that the first hints that the MSS is doing the round with production studios and things are looking very bright for my debut launch. The novel is also to be a lead title in Australia, another major breakthrough market if things go well.

It was fantastic to be invited to such an event, which involved a lot of work as well as fun. I had to talk to dozens of booksellers, buyers, representatives of major chains and supermarkets and so on, trying to do my bit to help the team at S&S reassure potential stockists that I'm a long term bet with more novels on their way. As far as I can tell it went well, and I finally got back to my superb hotel at 4am after a few after-party sherbets with the S&S team! I had a great night, and if every publicity event is as much fun, I'm signing up for them all!


David Barber said...

I'm genuinely really excited for you, Dean. It's great to see and gives other writers (including myself) a real hope that we all have a chance. Keep going, mate, and let us know how things go.


Dean Crawford said...

Thanks David, glad you're finding inspiration from my blog here. I'll keep posting and recording the journey, and you keep plugging away for your first deal too!

Matt Hilton said...

Know the feeling well, bud ;-)

David Barber said...

Hi Dean, thanks for the follow on the FFO which I'm the editor of. This is my personal blog if you fancied a look. Appreciate the fact that you are keeping your feet on the ground and keeping it real. Nice one.

Matt Hilton is also one of the good guys. A great bloke if you ever get to meet him.

Good luck, mate!

Col Bury said...

Great stuff, Dean.

Truly inspiring.