Thursday, May 19, 2011

A word says a thousand pictures: COMPETITION!

As an author who has yet to see his first title hit the shelves, my humble blog probably doesn't have thousands of avid followers hanging on every post. However, the internet's a great resource, and I've decided to make an effort to see whether those who are reading my posts would like to win a free signed copy of COVENANT when it's released in the UK on November 10th 2011.

The task at hand for anyone valiant enough to undertake it, is to think of a single-word title for my third novel. Currently, it's under the working title of EVENT-HORIZON, which is highly apt for the novel's content. However, my publisher thinks that one-word titles have more punch, and also that the current title makes people think of the horror movie of the same name released back in the 90s.

The novel will be about time-travel, the paradoxes that it creates, and the hunt for a man who has the ability to see both forward and backward in time. I've been advised that the title should have the word "Time", or something obviously related to it, somewhere within it. It's a tricky task, and one that I haven't conquered myself yet. The winner, as well as getting a free signed copy of Covenant, will also get a mention in the third book's acknowledgements for coming up with the title - something that might just help a budding author's chances of getting noticed....

I look forward to seeing what ideas appear in the replies. As this competition concerns a globally published novel, the publisher may decide later to change the title in one territory or another. I'll pick the winner of this competition at the end of May 2011, and use it for the work. The winner will get their signed copy and a mention in book 3, even if ultimately the title isn't used upon publication.

Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Dean!

I have a couple of ideas for a potential title for your 3rd novel already. Would it be okay if I email them to you instead of leaving it in a blog post (lest, someone else stumble upon this blog and steal my title ideas!)

Do you have an email address I could send my suggestions to?


PS: I'm the same guy who congratulated you first on the birth of your daughter so I am also one of your avid blog followers! :)

Dean Crawford said...

Hi Abi!

I've altered my profile to have an e-mail address on it for the duration of the competition, so feel free to mail there instead if you prefer.



Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Hmm, I still can't seem to be able to find a way to e-mail you. When I click on the 'email' button on your Profile page, it leads me to configure my email account on my Apple Mac :(

I tell you what. Email me directly on and I shall email you back instead.

I've thought alot more on my possible title for your back, with some good reasons to back up why I think it would be suitable, and I think you may agree too.


Anonymous said...

Ooops! I just noticed a rather silly mistake on my post. I meant to type 'I've thought alot more on my possible title for your BOOK...'

Heh, pity it's not possible to edit posts, but I'm sure you know what I meant!


Jen Black said...

Call it Janus after the Roman god with two faces who looked forward and backward.

People love competitions to win books in the e-book world, so why not in the traditional book world?

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks Jen, good title idea!

Talei said...

Wow. This is a tough one. One word title...when you say 'time-travel', these spring to mind.


I'm not sure if they help but I hope you find a good title, definitely an interesting process. Good luck! ;-)