Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Well, the verdict on my third book's title came back to me recently, and I'm delighted to say that the team at Simon & Schuster love it! CONTINUUM is now under way with the first few chapters written, and the synopsis for the story was given a huge thumbs up by my editor Maxine Hitchcock.

Currently, I'm working on the edits for book 2, ELIXIR. They're not too extensive, mostly involving character development and some general tidying up. I'm aiming to have them complete by early July, at which point I'll focus on finishing the first draft of CONTINUUM. I've also been informed that a meeting at the S&S offices with my agent, Luigi Bonomi, is on the cards around the end of August, which will involve the planning for launch publicity. I'm not sure what this will entail, although I have already heard that adverts on the CBS Action channel are confirmed ( as per a previous post ). Other news is that S&S are already working on the cover artwork for ELIXIR. The publisher generally gets to work on such things around ten months in advance of publication, and with ELIXIR due out in May 2012 this means that they're on the case already.

For my part, after much graft I'm ahead of schedule by a few weeks at the moment, giving me the opportunity to take my time with the current editorials. It's a great relief, as we're house hunting right now and everything that entails. Fingers crossed for the perfect home!!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting stuff, Dean. Sounds like you're on a roller coaster right now. Glad that you're keeping us abreast of what's happening.I look forward to reading your novel when it comes out.

John Carson

Talei said...

Brilliant news with your publication journey - it all sounds super exciting. I'd be running in circles!! Happy house hunting!! ;-)

Dean Crawford said...

Thanks John and Talei! Sooo much more I want to tell everybody about but have to keep quiet for now...! Will spill the beans as soon as I can! :o)