Monday, April 30, 2012

COVENANT e-book Special Offer!

To promote the imminent launch of IMMORTAL on May 10th, COVENANT will be available as an e-book for just £0.99! This limited edition price is available across all major retailers including Amazon Kindle and the Apple iBookstore.

The promotion also reveals the new style of covers that will become the hallmark of the series.

The promotion kicks off today, so if you've yet to read about Ethan Warner's exploits, now is a great time to start!


Anonymous said...

FYI Dean in Australia COVENANT is NOT available as an e-book for £0.99 (or AUD equivalent) at either Amazon or Apple.
Any idea why your fans down-under do not get access to this deal?

Dean Crawford said...

Hi Jed,

I'm afraid the promotion only ran for about two weeks here in the UK. I'm not sure about Australia but I'd assume it was the same deal there... Sorry mate, I'll check in with my editor when I speak to her next just in case and let you know if there's a reason why Oz might have been excluded entirely, if it was.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dean for the feedback. Meanwhile I will check out my favourite second hand bookshops for a copy of Covenant in trade paperback format.