Friday, April 20, 2012


I normally try to make a new ( and hopefully interesting ) post at least once a month, but since late March the sheer volume of work I'm doing is pretty much taking up all of my time. New novels, new projects and the editing of novels heading towards production all compete for space in the daily diary and, quite often, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Not that I'm complaining, mind. Any aspiring novelist reading this would cheefully tear off their own arms with their bare hands to trade places with me - I know this because just a couple of years ago I would have done the same.

There's so much that I could post about, but all of it is "in the pipeline" as opposed to confirmed, and as such I don't think it wise to start rattling on about what "could happen" when, in the end, nothing might happen. All of it's HUGE but equally nebulous, so my trap must stay firmly shut for the time being.

IMMORTAL is due out on May 10th, just a few weeks away, and it has a new cover which I'll post here as soon as it's finalised. I've seen a preview though and it looks fantastic! Very much hoping that it achieves the same success, or better, than my debut, COVENANT....


Anonymous said...

Dear Dean,
My book is being published. I'm telling you this because, looking to see if it was on Amazon yet, my husband found a review you wrote for "You Write On" in Feb. 2008!
I quote: "Brilliant! One of the most highly polished pieces of work...fantastic job on all fronts, Marcia, with excellent writing, narrative, characters, pacing and prose."
My new title is "Fingerprints," and it's available on Amazon,etc. So I thought you might like to read it, since you thought so highly of the beginning.
I immediately ordered "Covenant," and am enjoying it immensely. You must have done--and assimilated--a fantastic amount of research. I like your unusual use of language: his "thickly forested"chin; the ghoulish cry of anguish that "soared from its prison somewhere deep within him." And you've created a vast and well-differentiated cast of characters, although I'm finding Rachel a bit ...well...stodgy.
At any rate, I'm sending this message, four years late, to thank you for your kind words.
Marcia Leonard

Dean Crawford said...

Hi Marcia,

Congratulations on being published! I was indeed on "You Write On", although I had to remove my own works from there after I got my publishing deal because I intended to re-invent some of my characters for the new series of books.

Glad you're enjoying Covenant. The sequel, Immortal, is out in the UK next month, and in the USA next year.

I hope "Fingerprints" does well and leads to great things for you. Success does come for those of us who persevere - so keep working at it! :o)